Pop-Up Recap: FLX & ROC

Food and beer on table at brewery

On Friday, November 22, we partnered with our friends at the FLX Wienery for a pop-up to remember! The brewery was packed with hungry foodies and craft beer lovers, and one thing’s for sure – no one went home hungry.

Christopher Bates and Isabel Bogadtke opened the Dundee, NY restaurant in 2014. The Wienery specializes in artisanal, high-quality food served fast. The Wienery is part of the FLX Hospitality family, which also includes the popular FLX Table, FLX Fry Bird, and more.

Plated fries

The menu for the evening featured everything from fried cheese curds to beautifully plated fries, to perhaps the highlight of the evening: the burger.

Menu from pop-up event

The Burger

This McCann’s beef burger was served with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Australian White Truffle, Pho Demi Glace, Carmelized Onions, and Seared Foie Gras on an Amazing Grains Poppy Seed Bun. Any menu item could also be topped off with Alba white truffles or Oregon white truffles for a deliciously complex upgrade.

The Burger featured during pop-up

The Beer

On tap for the evening were a number of new Roc Brewing Co. classics and returning favorites, including Jefe-Rye-Zen (Hefeweizen), O.G.B.A. (American IPA), 585 Minivan Flannel Clan (Cappuccino Cream Ale, a collaboration with K2 Brewing), Smokey & The Cherry Pit (Sour Cherry Lager, collaboration with Rohrbach Brewing Co.), Lagerithm Lager, Whoopass (DIPA), and Flying Pumpkin (Porter).

It was a pleasure to partner with our friends at the FLX Wienery for this one-of-a-kind pop up at Roc Brewing!

Learn more about the FLX Wienery here.

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Breaking Down a Beer: DeLorean Parking Only

In a hazy sea of New England IPAs, the brewers at Roc Brewing Co. decided to whip up a little blast from the past this summer season and create a crisp, clear, traditional West Coast IPA.

IPA on table outside
DeLorean Parking Only is a traditional West Coast IPA.

Intentionally bitter and delicately valued, this filtered IPA sports a malty backbone, complimented by citrusy, piney aromas.


DeLorean Parking Only was brewed with primarily West Coast Hops, including Denali, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade.

Woman holding IPA
Filtered, clear, and clean, DeLorean Parking Only is a crisp and thirst-quenching IPA.


A few years back, West Coast IPAs were everywhere – this malty, filtered style IPA was at it’s height of popularity. If you ordered an IPA at a brewery or bar, it probably looked a lot like this. Craft beer lovers that sought out a brew lesser in bitterness drove the trend to create a fluffier, juicier, fruiter IPA , and thus the taste for NEIPAs grew in popularity.

IPA on table


Why DeLorean Parking Only, you ask? When crafting the beer, brewers saw it as a blast from the past. An excitement for a traditional style beer, paired with a love for Back to the Future, lead organically to DeLorean Parking Only, a tasty, crisp West Coast IPA.

Pennsylvania Ave. Pilsner Celebrates Local History

As you may have seen at the brewery or local retailers, cans of fresh Pennsylvania Avenue Pilsner are back on the shelves! This crowd favorite is an ode to the bottling and distribution operation of the DiPasquale Brothers Co. Inc., derailed by prohibition in 1920.

Can of Pennsylvania Avenue Pilsner

In September of 1902, Cruciano Joesph DiPasquale (then age 14) arrived at Ellis Island eager to embrace the endless opportunities that awaited him in America. Joe brought with him a strong work ethic formed in the mountains of Sicily, a thirst for learning, and a focused desire to assimilate into his new country. By 1916, Joe and his four brothers had already demonstrated their business acumen. DiPasquale Brothers Co. Inc. was bottling and distributing beer throughout the region. The arrival of prohibition in 1920 forced Joe to alter his path in business, yet his entrepreneurial spirit would drive him until his death in 1983 at the age of 95. 

Customer at Roc Brewing with a can of Pennsylvania Ave Pilsner

The rebirth of local craft breweries inspired Joes’ grandson, Philip J. DiPasquale, to partner with Roc Brewing Co.’s founder Chris Spinelli and his team in 2018 to brew a pre-Prohibition-style American pilsner. Earlier this summer Philip stopped in for a can! 

Stop by Roc Brewing Co. for a can of Pennsylvania Avenue Pilsner, or grab a six pack at your local beer shop, to share in the celebration of Rochester-area history and brewing!

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