Roc Brewing Co.

Our Beers

  • Back-Cut Stout

  • Dude’s Brew Porter

    A chewy, chocolatety porter brewed specially to mark the Dude’s Night Out’s 1st anniversary and their gallery space at the brewery. The art runs through the month of April – we hope the beer will last as long as the exhibit does.

  • On Tap golden

    Golden Pale Ale

    This flavorful, drinkable Golden Pale Ale begins with an aroma of floral hops that leads you into a world of balance. Hops and sweet malt are certain to please the palate and in the finish a hint of honey leaves you wanting more. This ale is an enjoyable session beer that some may call an American twist on an English Pale Ale. An ideal “crossover beer,” this Golden Pale is a great gateway for those entering the world of craft beers. Best enjoyed with light summer fare and good friends.

  • On Tap Roc Brewing Irish Red Ale

    Cullinan’s Revival

    This Irish Red Ale has a reddish-amber hue that starts with a deep, malty backbone complimented by a subtle but noticible hop bitterness in the beginning. It finishes with sweet malt notes leading into a crisp, dry finish. This all-seasonal brew pairs with intense, flavorful foods (such as cajun or BBQ), or is perfect by itself. We know you will love every sip!

  • On Tap Roc Brewing English Dark Mild

    Dark Mild

    Small beer, big ego. This mahogany colored ale is a delightful medley of malted barley. As you peel back the layers of malt, you’ll discover a delicate beer surrounded with complexity and blended with the flavors of toasted bread and chocolate cake. There’s even a hint of coffee for that roasted dry element your palate craves. The Mild is best enjoyed fresh and prides itself as a low-alcohol session beer. Its dark facade and nutty finish provide an allure that is truly one of a kind. Our mild is well-suited for draught and cask conditioning. Hungry? We suggest pairing with grilled portobellos and seared beef garnished with truffle oil.

  • On Tap Roc Brewing IPA

    Vague IPA

    By definition an India Pale Ale is known for hops. 70 IBUs and an assertive array of American hops lay blankets of grapefruit, orange nectar, and sticky mango across your senses. This assortment will be certain to remain in your flavor memory. The background malt is reminiscent of graham cracker and faint caramel which adds subtle sweetness and toasted notes. An unabashed dosing of “dry-hops” gives way to abundant aroma and bright citrus flavor. Enjoy it in the company of good friends with barbecued chicken and mango-habanero salsa.

  • On Tap

    Lil’ SIPA

    In a world where “the more hops the better” is pretty much dogma, we decided to challenge the IPA norm. The result is less of a hop bomb with more grapefruit and pineapple flavors, and more drinkability. Lil SIPA is a truly sessionable IPA that keeps you coming back for more – or is it less? Either way, you’re sure to be pleased.

  • Down Unda IPA

    All Southern Hemisphere hopped IPA – brewed exclusively for our 2nd Anniversary

  • fuggle

    What the Fuggle IPA

    In the traffic jam of big, bold American IPAs, we decided to drive on the other side of the road. Chock full of earthy English Fuggles, this hoppy beer is fun to order and even better to experience. Playful spice and orange characteristics liven up its biscuity body and lead you to a pleasant finish. For extra good measure, we throw this one on 2 types of American oak to cure and impart the wonderful qualities of light vanilla and coconut.

    Preferred with a slice of carrot cake, the texture of the dessert – light and smooth – lends balance to a subtle softness across the palate. Stay for another bite and enjoy the warming of the alcohol and vanilla as they mellow the spices of the cake. The hops will finish with a scrub of the palate from butter based frosting.

  • Maibock

    ThreeNinety Bock

    The brewers at Samuel Adams and Roc Brewing were inspired by the distance, in miles, between Boston, M.A. and Rochester, N.Y. – hence the name ThreeNinety Bock. At first glance the unconventional Maibock offers an appealing hue of tangerine. At first sip you experience the depth and character of robust bread crust and European malt. The brew has a subtle spice from rye malt and a marmalade sweetness that blends in a hint of smoke for good measure, and a slightly sweet dry finish that is sure to be enjoyed.

  • Big DIPA

    Our biggest and hoppiest brew yet, this double IPA was inspired by freshly squeezed orange juice.

  • Roc Brewing Rye IPA

    Don’t Fear the RIPA

    Bright aromatics and a profound citrus zest reveal a fragrant bouquet. A rush of rich malt and smooth texture blends seamlessly into a subtle spiciness revealed by the rye. It’s crimson hue indicates the vibrance of both the fusion of malted rye and tropical undertones from generous additions of American hops. This beer truly showcases the depth rye can attain. Pair this beer with some Chesapeake flair, a jumbo lump crab cake littered with Old Bay seasoning or blackened tilapia tacos with cilantro and lime slaw.

  • On Tap


    A craft beer free of gluten but not of flavor!

    Please note: Our commitment to offering an original beer brewed without gluten is constant but the beer’s style, IBU’s and alcohol may change. Feel free to contact us for specifics on the current gluten-free options.

  • new_blond

    Belgian Blonde

    Intensely flavored and a lovely body to boot, we present our interpretation of the renowned Belgian Blonde ale. A brilliantly clear citrus yellow will glisten in your favorite goblet. Bouquets of banana and citrus introduce a flavor of subtle spiciness, reminiscent of freshly cracked black pepper. The distinguished Belgian lacing will linger long enough to order a second round. Imbibe with friends around a table of steamed mussels and frites.

  • cad bla

    Cadejo Blanco

    This pale ale may be light in body but don’t let that fool you; it’s anything but dull. Continental malts blend into an enticing balance of cereal flavors and smooth, subtle sweetness – but that’s not all. The “Xtra” element gives it (and you) a lil’ something more, and it just happens to be a lil’ something you’re really going to like. The alchemy of hops radiate with pit-fruits, passionfruit and a layer of earth and all together you get a uniquely complex experience that’ll please your palate and quench the fiercest thirsts.

    According to Central American lore, a Cadejo Blanco is a “good” dog that comes out at night to guide weary travelers and guard them from danger but here at Roc Brewing Co., a Cadejo Blanco is a damn good beer that’ll guide you away from dangerously inferior pales.

    Clever? Maybe. Delicious? Without a doubt.

  • On Tap


    The newest installment of the Roc Brewing – Joe Bean collaboration series: Coffee Saision. The term “Kahawa” is French slang for coffee and being children of the 80′s we couldn’t resist paying homage to our TMNT roots and throwing a “bunga” in there for good measure! A very delicately balanced beer – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting this together.

  • Cadejo Negro

    Debuting at Joe Bean Tues 6/18 and at the brewery Thurs 6/20

  • vern


    This isn’t your father’s table beer. Vern offers you the warm weather aromas of honey malt, pear, and grass with a touch of spice. Weighing in just under 5%, this pleasant and easy drinker demands that you too leave the heavy stuff in the field, at the office, or on the alter. A spattering of rye gives our Belgian lawnmower beer just enough tooth to cut through the most humid days, and it’s extremely drinkable to quench the most arid of thirsts. A tried and true pairing is with steamed mussels in a lemongrass, thai chili, or coconut broth with pomme frites.

  • Kyoto Protocol

    In a style of limitless boundaries, our Sumatra IPA is sure to stand bold on its own. At first glance it’s orange hue alludes to a juicy blend of tangerine, citrus peel and mango. As the aroma blooms from the glass you’re introduced to an entirely exotic experience of molasses and roast. A delicate, yet pronounced, blend of fruit nectars escape over your palate while the savory flavors of Sumatra are most exposed. These flavors can only be obtained through our collaborative effort with Joe Bean Coffee Roasters. This uniquely Rochester product is the first in a series showcasing the blends of beer & coffee combinations. This is best enjoyed at brunch with pineapple french toast and grilled breakfast sausage.

  • Wet Smash

    We took a very simple Pale Ale and made it better. Once a year the hop harvest happens and we used some locally grown hops from Schmidt Hops Farm and Bluebell Hopyard both in Farmington NY. Check out the rotating line up of Centennial, Willamette, Chinook and a special blend all fall long.