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Drink Local: Supporting Breweries While Social Distancing

Can of Whoopass DIPA

In the light of the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 in our community, breweries, bars, and restaurants have closed their doors in an effort to minimize the spread of the virus. Just like the rest of the community, we’re practicing social distancing and trying to stay healthy and safe.

But Rochesterians are fiercely loyal to their local favorites. Even during this time of avoiding social spaces and staying at home, there are lots of ways to continue supporting Roc Brewing and other local breweries and businesses.

Find your favorites at local retailers

Cans of Whoopass DIPA

The brewery may be closed, but you can still find your favorite Roc Brewing beers in cans at local retailers like Wegmans, 7-Eleven, and bottle shops. Make a night of it – find a fun assortment of your favorite local beers and build a beer flight at home! Share a photo on social media, we’d love to see what you’re drinking.

Purchase e-gift cards

A great way to support local breweries during this difficult time is to purchase e-gift cards! You’ll be helping out local business, and when bars and breweries re-open, you’ll be ready to buy your friends a round. You can also send an e-gift card as a gift, whether it’s for a birthday, special occasion, or just to show a friend you’re thinking of them.

Click here to purchase Roc Brewing e-gift cards.

Show some local love with a Black Bird Design t-shirt!

Local love t-shirt

Talk about a cool way to support local! Our friends at Black Bird Design have created these shirts for a number of local businesses hit by the COVID-19 closures. A portion of the proceeds for the shirts will go back to the businesses.

Shirts are $20 – click here to get yours!

Be social, while distancing!

Drinking Roc Brewing beer at home? We would LOVE to see. Tag us on social media using #RocBrewingCo or @RocBrewingCo. Breweries are thrilled to see posts about their brews on social media any time, but it’s particularly great right now to know that people are enjoying our beers from the safety of their homes. Send a photo. We’ll share it, we promise.

Come back and see us when we re-open

We miss you. Be safe, friends!

Breaking Down a Beer: DeLorean Parking Only

In a hazy sea of New England IPAs, the brewers at Roc Brewing Co. decided to whip up a little blast from the past this summer season and create a crisp, clear, traditional West Coast IPA.

IPA on table outside
DeLorean Parking Only is a traditional West Coast IPA.

Intentionally bitter and delicately valued, this filtered IPA sports a malty backbone, complimented by citrusy, piney aromas.


DeLorean Parking Only was brewed with primarily West Coast Hops, including Denali, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade.

Woman holding IPA
Filtered, clear, and clean, DeLorean Parking Only is a crisp and thirst-quenching IPA.


A few years back, West Coast IPAs were everywhere – this malty, filtered style IPA was at it’s height of popularity. If you ordered an IPA at a brewery or bar, it probably looked a lot like this. Craft beer lovers that sought out a brew lesser in bitterness drove the trend to create a fluffier, juicier, fruiter IPA , and thus the taste for NEIPAs grew in popularity.

IPA on table


Why DeLorean Parking Only, you ask? When crafting the beer, brewers saw it as a blast from the past. An excitement for a traditional style beer, paired with a love for Back to the Future, lead organically to DeLorean Parking Only, a tasty, crisp West Coast IPA.

It’s good to be a member.

Blue Mug with Star Lights

It’s true – there are so many perks to joining the Mug Club at Roc Brewing Co! If you’ve ever been at the bar and seen a fellow beer lover drinking out of one of these fun beer mugs, they’re part of the squad – and you can be, too. From great deals and discounts, access to the latest news and happenings, and even free beers – yes, we said it, free beers – there are so many reasons to want to be a member of this club.

Around this time every year, we start reminding our current mug club members to think about renewing their mugs for the New Year. So, we thought we’d share some of the perks of being a member of the club with you, too! Here are our top five reasons for becoming a Roc Brewing Co. Mug Club Member.

Blue mug hanging with black beer mugs
Soon, the 2020 Mug Club will be renewing!

All year long, Mug Club Members have the opportunity to make back the $100 they’ve spent to join the club (and more!) by taking advantage of deals and discounts at the brewery. From getting $1 off every single beer, all year long to $5 growler fill or $3 crowler fills on the Second Saturday of every month, the opportunities to save are endless!

Roc brewing co glass growler
Enjoy $5 growler fills every Second Saturday!

Plus, your mug will spend all year long living comfortably at the brewery, so you never have to worry about forgetting in and missing out on discounts – we’ll have it waiting for you right beside the bar.


Yes, we said it – free beers! We love our Mug Club Members so much, we like to treat them to a beer on us every now and again. If you’re a current member and choose to renew for 2020, your first beer of the New Year will be totally free. What a way to kick off the New Year! Plus, we offer complimentary birthday pints. So, members can swing by the brewery any day during their birthday month, and enjoy a tasty brew of their choice, 100% free of cost. Cheers to that, and happy birthday!


Read all about it! As a Mug Club Member, you’ll have access to our exclusive monthly email newsletter that finds its way to your inbox on the first of every month, complete with news about special events and new beers, and more! No need to ever worry that you’ll forget that Second Saturday is coming up – we’ve got you covered.

Interested in signing up for the general monthly newsletter? Click here!


Enjoy your mug to the fullest!

At the end of the year, once you’ve enjoyed all of the benefits of being a Mug Club Member, you get to take your mug home! Of course, the fact that your mug is actually yours means that if you want to, you can personalize it!

Phil Fielding, a seasoned Mug Club Member and friend, always finds a neat way to personalize his mugs!

“$1.00 off all beers, free birthday beer, once-a-month $5 growler fills, and an awesome diverse community of members? What’s not to love about the Mug Club!”

– Phil, Mug Club Member


Meet new friends in the club!

Phil said it – the Mug Club community is amazing! By renewing your mug or joining the club, you’ll have access to this awesome group, always have a friend at the bar, and enjoy all of the perks associated with being a member. We can’t wait to pour you a pint!

Are you a current Mug Club Member? Click here to renew your mug for 2020 and make sure you hold onto your oh-so-sacred mug number, and check your email for our latest newsletter with more renewal information! Interested in joining the club? Mug club memberships will open up to the public on Wednesday, October 15. Stay tuned for more information – we’d love to welcome you into the gang!

Pennsylvania Ave. Pilsner Celebrates Local History

As you may have seen at the brewery or local retailers, cans of fresh Pennsylvania Avenue Pilsner are back on the shelves! This crowd favorite is an ode to the bottling and distribution operation of the DiPasquale Brothers Co. Inc., derailed by prohibition in 1920.

Can of Pennsylvania Avenue Pilsner

In September of 1902, Cruciano Joesph DiPasquale (then age 14) arrived at Ellis Island eager to embrace the endless opportunities that awaited him in America. Joe brought with him a strong work ethic formed in the mountains of Sicily, a thirst for learning, and a focused desire to assimilate into his new country. By 1916, Joe and his four brothers had already demonstrated their business acumen. DiPasquale Brothers Co. Inc. was bottling and distributing beer throughout the region. The arrival of prohibition in 1920 forced Joe to alter his path in business, yet his entrepreneurial spirit would drive him until his death in 1983 at the age of 95. 

Customer at Roc Brewing with a can of Pennsylvania Ave Pilsner

The rebirth of local craft breweries inspired Joes’ grandson, Philip J. DiPasquale, to partner with Roc Brewing Co.’s founder Chris Spinelli and his team in 2018 to brew a pre-Prohibition-style American pilsner. Earlier this summer Philip stopped in for a can! 

Stop by Roc Brewing Co. for a can of Pennsylvania Avenue Pilsner, or grab a six pack at your local beer shop, to share in the celebration of Rochester-area history and brewing!

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