Who We Are

Our story is the story of our team.

Our Story

With nearly a decade of serving the Rochester community, Roc Brewing continues to transcend the constant evolution of craft beer to be a pillar in the community, whose mission remains simple: to provide great beer for the local community, to elevate the brewing community by serving as a mentor for new brewers and to achieve notoriety for Rochester’s amazing beer community whenever possible. Since being founded in 2011, Roc Brewing Co. has been embraced by the community and continues to grow and evolve in ways that deliver the best possible beer-drinking experience to customers throughout Rochester and Upstate New York.

Our Brewing Approach

Roc’s beer program is designed to be versatile. The brewing team strives to balance changing trends with approachability, while always putting quality and consistency above all else. As a result, the taps at Roc Brewing Co.’s tasting room will always contain a variety of new specials, proven classics and seasonal treats. This also means that at bars throughout Update NY, Roc tap lines will deliver the Roc approach and quality the community has come to expect.

Our Community Approach

The Roc team believes in the Rochester community, and has been a firsthand witness to the incredible evolution of the local craft beer community. As one of the brewing pioneers in the area, the Roc team regularly works to bring the brewing community together, offer opportunities for growth and education and advocate for necessary change that allows the craft beer community to flourish. The Roc team also devote time to ensure Rochester receives its rightful place on the map as a craft beer destination through regular entries in national and international beer competitions and helping to grow local events like the Celebration of Cream Ales to garner national attention.

Our Team:

Chris Spinelli, Co-Founder

Chris is the current owner and co-founder of Roc Brewing Co. After graduating RIT with his MBA, Chris started Roc Brewing Co., and has grown the company to one of the most widely-recognized breweries in Upstate NY. Since 2011, Chris has established himself as a leader in the Rochester beer community, and has mentored other brewers and young businesspeople through his community involvement. His business has also connected him with Jim Koch – the founder of Samuel Adams/Boston beer Company – and Chris has no plans to stop soon. Chris, along with his team, work each day to create the best beer in Rochester in order to grow the business and the community’s love for great craft beer.

Nick Mesrobian, Head Brewer

Nick is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and he has worked as a brewer since 2010. Nick’s passion for beer has taken him to Shipyard Brewing in Portland, Maine, CB Craft Brewers in Honeoye Falls, NY, and to Roc Brewing Co. in 2014. Nick’s diverse brewing experience and passion can be seen directly in the beer he creates.

Connor Northrup, Assistant Brewer

Connor is the Assistant Brewer at Roc Brewing Co.

The Roc Team
Nick Mesrobian, Chris Spinelli, Connor Northrup
Where We Work
Our in-house brewery in Downtown Rochester, NY.

The Taproom

How We Work

All of our beer can be purchased in our tasting room in Downtown Rochester, and we also have our beer out at bars throughout Western NY. A few beers are also sold in cans at the tasting room and at stores throughout the Rochester and Upstate New York area.

All beers in our tasting room can be purchased individually or in a flight of 4 or 6 beers. With your beer, we also serve a rotating menu of food prepared to order.

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